Photo of the Month Award

Every month, photos that members have taken and uploaded to the Ogston Bird Club Flickr Group will be judged on their merit and the winners will have their photos circulated on the OBC e-news digest and then receive the acclaim, kudos and rapturous applause from fellow photographers (but no prizes).

Don’t be put off just because you don’t have an expensive camera, its more an eye for a good picture than how much you paid for the latest gadget. The only specific criteria for inclusion are:

  1. That you are a member of Ogston Bird Club, although this should be automatic for the picture to be loaded onto the OBC Flickr Group site. If you haven’t joined, log on to Flickr and join now! (Instructions on the OBC website under the GALLERY menu).
  2. The picture/s should have been taken during that month in either the Ogston Recording Area or on the Jim Mart reserve. Photos will also be accepted if taken on an official club trip during the month of the competition.
  3. The topic doesn’t have to be birds. Anything taken that reflects nature can be considered – landscapes, flora, fauna, moths, butterflies, etc.

The judging panel (guest judges will be invited to ensure diversity of opinion) will review all the photographs uploaded on to the OBC Flickr site during the month under consideration. Each judge will award points and then the points totaled to find the photo of the month (sadly, points in this case don’t mean prizes).

The owners of the three best photos that gain the most points will be contacted for their permission to publish their photos on the OBC e-news digests. The winners will also be asked to add information about the photo e.g. where it was taken, the time and any further details of interest to the members.

Of course, what suits the judges doesn’t necessarily suit all the members – a bit like the Turner prize although hopefully our photos will be have more merit than some of those. However, the judges’ decision is final but to compensate the rest of us, the judge’s photos can’t be included in the competition.

Interested? Get out there and get clicking!