JMNR work party – 21st May 2016

Once again a mixed bag of jobs to attend to. The Membership Secretary will be arriving fresh from the Scottish trip to personally oversee the (possibly challenging) ground preparation and subsequent planting of a line of young willows near the Hide Pond. Once established these will be coppiced to maintain a regular supply of withies for new and renovated fedges at both Ogston and at the Jim Mart reserve. This is also your opportunity to hear at first hand what really went on during that fabled outing to the north, before there has been much time for decoration, embellishment and almost unbelievable exaggeration to creep in.

Ancillary works will involve attending to any necessary weeding of the North hedge and to the bank below the partly finished fedge near the hide, trimming back brambles at the Middle Pond, and repositioning the bolt and keep of the access gate between the Hide and the Hide Pond. Time should be available to check out the spring wildlife whilst all this is going on.

To help at the work party, meet at the reserve on Saturday, 21st May at 9:30 am. We will finish around lunchtime. All members are welcome and no previous experience is necessary. Please wear appropriate work clothes, stout shoes, boots or wellies, and gardening gloves or equivalent. Most tools are available on-site but bring along anything you think might help with the above tasks.

Organised work parties take place at the Jim Mart reserve on the morning of the third Saturday in every month, except in December. For further information about the reserve visit the Jim Mart NR pages on the Ogston Bird Club website, or contact Peter Faulkner by email ([email protected]) or on 0784 214 8888 nearer the date.

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