Moth Trapping JMNR 25th June 2015

The moth trap was set up down near Bottom Pond (bginning of section 3 of butterfly transect route) on the evening of 25th June. A warm night and some light rain early morning. 13C @ 6 am. Recorder N Mahadevan.

Macro moths: 2 Common Carpet, 11 Middle-barred minor, 6 Silver-ground Carpet, 1 Common Swift, 1 Brimstone moth, 1 Flame Shoulder, 3 Green Carpet, 2 White Ermine, 2 Ingrailed Clay, 1 Heart and Dart, 1 Common Footman.

Micro moth IDs to follow!

Other insects in trap: Non-biting midge Psectrotanypus varius, Caddisfly Mystacides sp. (M. azurea or M. nigra), Caddisfly Phryganea grandis.

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