OBC Hides reopened 2nd Dec

Coronavirus Pandemic. Second National Lock-down ends on 2 December 2020
Just at present things don’t seem to be getting any easier with the pandemic. The guidelines are unavoidably changing quite frequently. Let’s hope the news of the vaccines proves to be as good as it seems to be.
Our hides have been closed during the second national lock-down which ends on 2nd December 2020.  The Ogston Reservoir site is then to be within a Tier 3 area until further notice.
We have agreed with Severn Trent Water that we will make our hides available to members again, i.e. revert to the same basis as pre-lockdown 2 (although for the time being requiring members to be compliant with Tier 3 regulations, rather than Tier 2.) The regulations can be accessed by clicking this link, although bear in mind that they may change in the near future – Gov Regs. For our club this includes (but not exclusively) the rules relating to social distancing, wearing of face masks , hand sanitising and keeping hide doors and windows open when practicable, and maximum numbers of people who may meet  in a variety of circumstances.
No OBC gatherings in the hides are proposed. We do not encourage members to visit the hides if they feel they cannot do so safely or in a fully compliant way. We each need to think of our own safety and that of others. If more than one person or “bubble” is present at once, please talk to each other. The slider remains in place at the footpath entrance from the car park and should please be used diligently. If you don’t feel you can go in the hides and be safe and compliant, please exercise your discretion against going in.
I’m sorry it’s all a little fraught and I hope I don’t sound officious or patronising, but hopefully things can improve soon. Meanwhile your continued support and forbearance is really appreciated.
Bill Padley
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