Saving The Sanctuary

Recently we outlined Derby City Council’s plans to build a cycle track on the city’s only bird reserve called The Sanctuary and that a coalition of five groups, including the Trust, RSPB and DOS had come together to oppose it.

We have now seen the Council’s ecological report which says: ““From an ecological perspective, the routing of an outdoor track anywhere within the boundary of the LNR is considered to have an adverse impact on the LNR and the biodiversity of the LNR”.

The story is beginning to be picked up nationally now since this Local Nature Reserve (LNR) would be the first in the UK to be developed by the local authority that created it.
BBC East Midlands Today have recorded a piece at the reserve, Bird Watching magazine also covered the issue and we hope to attract further national attention if we can.

If you would be willing to help with this campaign, get in touch via The Sanctuary or Derbyshire Wildlife Trust for advice about what to say and whom to contact in the council.

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