Trip by coach to Spurn Point – 8th October 2017

A very successful trip thanks to the leader Julia Smith who organised everything and who wrote the following report.  Thanks also to Christine Gregory and Dave Hallam for the photos.

It was a lively group of 16 birders that met on Sunday 8th Oct to head off to Spurn. Mike Conroy advised us that if we stopped off at Easington, just before we arrived, we had the chance to see a Red-backed Shrike and a

Red-backed Shrike

Rosy Starling. Our driver was happy to oblige so we stopped, headed down the lane and there it was – what a treat! It was quite happily bouncing around in the hedgerow. Sadly, no sign of the Rosy Starling.

On arrival at Spurn, everyone split up in different directions and groups which may account for the final great number of 62 spots, with roe deer, seals and red admiral/green veined butterflies (and fossils!) as an added bonus. Particular highlights were a Lapland Bunting, Red-breasted Flycatcher and a couple of members caught a Long-eared Owl flying over their heads. Amazing!

The Bluebell cafe still serves an excellent cuppa and bacon butty and we hope that they continue to be available when the new, sadly still controversial, YWT visitor centre opens. It’s construction was observed to be well on the way.

A great day, the weather was dry and the drive home was bathed in sunshine. Happy birders!


Lesser Redpoll


Knot in flight


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