Removal of feeding station by Sue Worsley Hide & restoration of habitat

These feeders were removed and relocated with the existing feeders by the main hide. The reason for this was to reduce the disturbance and conform to the remit of Ogston Reservoir as an SSSI Site, first granted in 1963 and reviewed in 1981. This status was given on the basis of maintaining the habitat for breeding and passage birds and the flora. The site will be re-planted with native species to recreate the natural habitat and encourage a wider variety of birds, butterflies and insects. The viewing facilities for the feeders by the main hide will be improved (on going). Further improvements and restoration of the scrapes in front of the main hide will be done after consultation with Severn Trent, we also need to cut and restore the grassland and scrub to its former level (needed to comply and retain SSSI status) . This work will be done at a time when it will cause minimum disturbance and the water levels are low enough. This will enable us to have more control over the water levels in front of the main hide to improve breeding and feeding conditions for waders. When we have finalised a plan for this work details will be put on the web site and in the hides

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